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Call of the Weaver
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 1578
Location:Greenvale (Dining Room) (15, 8)
Required Item:
Required Kills: None
Cazinrill stares wide eyed in terror.
She cowers away from the sound of your voice. Then grimaces in shame, 'Sorry Warrior, but... I feel I should not be here.' She then looks at you, 'Although you don't seem to be effected the same as I. Maybe I should give up on serving the Gods of Light.' You then point at her sword, 'Why don't you use the Saber Gurgriss gave you?'

Cazinrill looks down at her sword, then suddenly sheaths it and mutters 'Gurgriss'. The shining Sabre materializes in her hand, the Icon on the hilt blazes momentarily then dims. The lines of fear drain from her face and she manages a smile, 'I do feel better, thank you. As you seem to have a better grasp of yourself, maybe you should look around. It's all I can do not to run from the room screaming.'

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