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Avenging Fury
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 1590
Location:Sea Razor Isle (Dark Cave) (3, 2)
Required Item: Dark Raven Sea Chart
Required Kills: None
You enter the Dark Cave and find Cazinrill talking quietly to a Cabin Boy. She look up at you in frustration, The Boy will not let us past. He says that he's lost.
You step past the Paladin and hand the small spirit the Sea Charts that the Quartermaster gave you. The boy looks at the Map and shrugs. 'It looks nice, but I can't read.' You hear the Paladin grit her teeth behind you. But then a deafening roar drowns her out. You turn and see an enraged Quartermaster shove the Paladin to one side as if she was the merest inconvenience.

He picks up the Cabin Boy by the scurf of the neck, 'You gonna annoy me any more than I already am ya little snot?' The boy squeals in terror and vanishes.

You stare at the Quartermaster and say, 'I thought you were lost, how did you find your way back here?' The Quartermaster grins at you, 'I gave you them Charts right? Well I haunt them. You brought the Charts here, so here I be. Gotta love the small print [wink]. Now come on, I want to see that no-good-Captain bleed! But not the Paladin, those preachy types make my teeth ache.' The enraged spirit then turns and walks onto the Wreck.

Follow the Quartermaster onto the Wreck

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