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Hunger for Power
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 1591
Location:Sea Razor Isle (Rock Pool) (3, 5)
Required Item:
Required Kills: None
You find Cazinrill on the edge of a chill Rook Pool with her gleaming Saber drawn.
The Paladin gives a long drawn out sigh, 'No actually. I'm not. I was walking along these rock pools looking for little crabs like I did as a child when this big, lumbering oaf appeared out of nowhere and promptly told me that I looked delicious and grabbed me by the leg. If it weren't for the ability to summon Gurgriss' Saber in an instant he would have got me. Anyway I sliced off his slimy mitt and gutted the ugly pig there and then.' You shrug, 'Doesn't sound too bad. You won, he's dead.'

Cazinrill gives a nervous laugh, 'Yes, well it doesn't stop there does it. Have you noticed that it never does? I was just congratulating myself with my swift dispatch of the bloated grubber when another one came wobbling over. He smiles at me and said. 'Thank you for the munchies.' then to my horror he rips apart the corpse of his friend into manageable meaty chunks and wanders off with them.' She shudders at the awful memory, 'He was quite happy about it as well. He went off humming to himself as if I'd just made his day or something.'

The Paladin looks over the sea for a long moment then says, 'I have the fear Warrior that I'm going to get accustomed to this inhuman barbarity. I just hope this all comes to an end soon. I don't think I can cope with this morbid brutality much longer.'

Cazinrill opens her backpack and takes out the Tome of Secrets, 'The creature I saw is mentioned in here as a Distended Arkronthorp. The more they eat the more powerful they become. So basically this is a breeding ground for powerful soldiers of the abhorrent Shapers. We must put a stop to this at once. I'm sorry, but I sense a powerful curse around you. What did the Quartermaster gift you?'

You flinch at her sudden tone and directness, 'He gave me The Black Spot. He said we might find it handy.' She grins, 'Well he might be a malign spirit but he does have a impeccable timing. I followed the Distended Arkronthorp for a bit and saw where he took his grisly trophies. There is a Blood Drenched Table to the south where he placed chunks of meat. Take this recipe of Hot Sauce and use to poison the Arkronthorp's supper. Come back to me when you are done.'

You receive 1 x Hot Sauce Recipe

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