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The Maw of Horror
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 1597
Location:Sea Razor Isle (Cold Vale) (6, 2)
Required Item: Mote of Elsewhere
Required Kills: None
'I know you are going through some theological crisis at the moment, but could you just put that to one side for just now? Within the Cold Vale is a large fissure that somehow reaches into the boundary places of Elsewhere. There are evil anathema crawling out of that fissure into our world. We must close that breach or it could cause untold damage to the very boundary of our existence. I do sense a malignant aura around you, I assume that the weird Monk in the Vile Cove gave you something. Could you give it to me?'
Cazinrill takes the strange orb from you, 'Thank you Warrior, I'll alter the essence of this so that it will be the antithesis of who the Shapers are. You should use this to close that fissure, I'll be here when you have completed the task.

You receive 1 x Spark of Order.

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