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Standing on the Brink
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 1600
Location:Sea Razor Isle (Cursed Coast) (12, 7)
Required Item:
Required Kills: None
You are surprised to discover Cazinrill thumbing through the Tome of Secrets.
The Paladin grins at you, 'I have some good news Warrior. The Tome says that the False Gods have fortified the realm of the living so that the entire Court is needed before they can start altering the world wholesale.' She then laughs, 'But it gets better, if enough of the Shapers are sent back to Elsewhere, Creation will then forcibly expunge everything that has their corruption into Elsewhere to follow their masters. So we just need to kill enough of the Shapers to reach the required threshold for Creation to force them all back to where they came from.'

She slams the book closed, 'My Truesight is being blinded by the sheer amount of evil around me. I can tell you that the Shapers are actually very close. Unfortunately I'm getting occasional flashes through the blinding darkness. I saw the Blood Weaver moving between several realms, so I can't get a distinct location. I know that he is in a realm nearby, hunt down and destroy the Blood Weaver (Super Elite).'

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