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Chill Wind Horrors
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 1613
Location:Chill Mountain (Scree) (7, 5)
Required Item:
Required Kills: None
You are climbing up the path on the side of Chill Mountain when you step into a clearing to find a human Demon Hunter breaking camp.
The Demon Hunter looks up and calls out 'Well met Warrior. What brings you to the Chill Mountain?' You looks at him and explain that you are simply a wandering Adventurer, recently of Crestoun. 'Ah! You are the Warrior that stopped some kind of incursion, correct?' You confirm that you are indeed.

The Hunter nods. 'If that is the case, would you be willing to assist me? I've heard rumors of daemonic forces rising around the mountain and it's cave systems. I could do with a hand.'

You look at the Hunter and agree. 'Excellent. I'm Helmut. Our target.......' before he can finish, a loud howl splits the cold morning air and a wolf-like humanoid creature lunges at you both from above. You see others gathering.

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