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Frozen Descent
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 1750
Location:Hyrom Glacier (Fiends Lair) (8, 14)
Required Item:
Required Kills: None
Your breath hangs in the chilly atmosphere as you advance through the glacial tunnel. You notice a Knight garbed in battered armour.
You approach the Knight who turns to see you, he seems somewhat startled as he thrusts his sword towards you. "Halt! I mean.. uh.." He lowers his sword as he realises you are not threatening him in any way. "Sorry! I thought you were her! She's huge! I was sent here to slay Fraganir, a frost dragon which resides here. When she came here she frozen entire fields of crops belonging to our village. If she isn't stopped, then I fear many will starve. I fear I may have underestimated her... If you can defeat her, then you will have mine and my village's utmost gratitude!"

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