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Little Green Wretches
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 1880
Location:Sathrin Forest (Murk) (4, 6)
Required Item:
Required Kills: None
A small voice calls out you you from the undergrowth, 'Excuse me, could you help me out?' You peer into the undergrowth to see a round tear stained face of Halfling staring hopefully up at you.
The Halfling grins at you, his little round face light up. 'Well we Sathrin Halflings keep to ourselves. We try to avoid some of the creatures and have learnt that the Wood Elves who rule over the Forest are really uppity. Sorry, I digress. A bunch of horrible little Goblins have driven me out of my warm little burrow. They took my treasure chest and ran off into the Murk. I tried to fight back, but I'm not really much of a fighter. Could you kill 30 x Lightfingered Goblin and bring back my Brass Bound Chest they pinched.'

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