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The Calling
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 1885
Location:Sathrin Forest (Depths) (2, 14)
Required Item:
Required Kills: None
You are surprised to find a Priest of Light sanding inside a softly glowing aura holding an Icon of Lindarsil, softly muttering to himself.
The Priest's eyes flicker open and his murmuring stops immediately, 'I'm sorry, but you can see me?' The question shocks you into silence and you stare stupidly back at him. After an awkward silence the Priest kisses the Icon and carefully places it into his travel bag. 'I'm sorry, I was just a little taken aback. The Aura of Phasing should have hidden me from all prying eyes. If I may be so bold, are you a follower of the Light?' You nod slowly then ask him, 'Are you alright Father? It's a bit weird to find you all alone out here.'

The Priest coughs then looks about carefully, 'Where are my manners, I'm Father Maylor and I've been sent out here to find a Paladin we've lost. You'd be surprised how often that happens. Anyway Cavanda was sent out a month ago to slay a growing evil here in the Sathrin Forest. Unfortunately she has not been heard of since she entered the wood. I was simply walking through the Forest looking for her, when I was accosted by a rather rude Wood Elf. She threatened to shoot me on the spot for violating their domain. Of all the nerve, I'm here on a Church Dictate you know! I tried my best to reason with her but she just ignored everything I said. I was finally forced to flee and only the gift of Lindarsil saved me from a rather painful end I suspect. Wood Elves are quite good shots by all accounts.'

'Now as you can see through my Aura, I'll assume you've been sent here by Lindarsil. Will you aid me in my holy task?' You sigh and nod saying, 'What do you need?'

The Priest looks up to the sky and mutters a silent prayer of thanks, 'Thank you. I need to search the Sathrin Village for Cavanda. We'll have to get past these over zealous Wood Elves first however. It's an unfortunate business, but I need you to kill 38 x Satherin Archers. That will allow us to slip into Satherin Village unnoticed.

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