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Missing Key
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 1909
Location:Twisted Castle (Gate) (14, 15)
Required Item:
Required Kills: None
You enter another realm that is a twisting myst of nothing. The only thing that has any form is the small sandy paths waves through ethereal mists. You follow the path and after what seems like an eternity you find a strange castle which looks like it has seen better days.

You have no choice, the sandy path leads up to the castle, there is nothing else apart from the strange curtain of mist that envelops you. A memory stirs as you looks at the castle, but you can't place where you have seen it before. Maybe it's just in your mind, you push the thought aside and find Cavanda talking to a weird undead creature which is stood by the castles ancient gate.
The Paladin smiles weakly at you, 'Molk here has been told to only let friends enter the castle. But he is worried about his pal Lom who hasn't come back from his tea break.' Molk points at you, 'Molk not know you either. You gonna hurt Molk?' Cavanda says hurriedly, 'This is my friend Molk, he won't hurt you.' You see the eyes roll about in Molk's head as apparently he considers the words of the Paladin.

The Large undead leans forward, his stench almost causes you to gag. 'You be nice to Molk, and me be nice to you. I not seen Lom is a long time. You go see where he is, Lom has the key which is very important.' You nod silently, not wanting to open your mouth.

Search the Gate for Lom.

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