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Guards Request
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 1916
Location:Twisted City (Sprawling Streets) (8, 11)
Required Item:
Required Kills: None
You step out of the swirling vortex of energy and are greeted by a familiar sight of a tall dark tower that is surrounded by a large city. You close your eyes against the horror of what you see. Opening them slowly, the tower is still there...

You quickly move through the cobbled streets and are astonished to find Virmalthorn stood over the corpse of the Emperor Of Yellow who has a shining longsword sticking out of the yellow cowl.
The High Priest of GorGulGol looms over the corpse, 'I've a funny story for you. I was sitting moping on my stone throne back in the Undercrypt when an angel of Sahria appeared, grabbed me and then the next thing I knew I'm stood here.' The dark cowl turns to you, 'Oh, I'm feeling much better, thanks for asking... Anyway, I stood here completely confused when this silly bugger comes striding up to me and announces at the top of his voice, "I am the Emperor Of Yellow!" I was about to tell him that I was the High Priest of GorGulGol, Walker of the Deathlands Keeper Of The Tomes and my outfit is much creepier than his yellow clown suit. When out of nowhere that Paladin you had with you the last time I saw you, materialized in front of the weirdo saying "YOUR LUCK HAS RUN OUT!" She then shoved her glowing longsword into his face and promptly disappeared again.'

He points at the shining longsword, 'It didn't go well for the Emperor after that. He kinda fell down suffering from a sever case of death. As a Priest of GorGulGol I know these things. Although I must admit, driving a longsword into someones noggin really gets your point across. I need to remember that.'

Virmalthorn turns to you, 'Anyway, how are you?'

You stare back at the Death Priest, 'I'm sorry, Cavanda appeared out of thin air and murdered the Emperor Of Yellow?' Virmalthorn kicks the corpse in front of you, 'I guess he's dead. To make sure I'd need to look over the Tomes of the Dead of course. But he does have a sword in his face, so I feel safe in jumping to the conclusion that he is in fact, no longer alive.'

You look around the horribly familiar city, 'I just left Cavanda, she was fine?' The Death Priest reaches down to pick up the Longsword but as soon as he touches it he jumps away from it and yelps in pain. 'I should have known, it's a blessed with Holy Flame. I take it you found no sign of Jamesina?' You shake your head, 'I need to know if Cavanda is alright. I'll go back into the Twisting Dark and see if I can find her.'

Virmalthorn sighs, 'Look, I'll go check the Tomes of the Dead for the name of this Cavanda, you go help that irritating City Guard found just north of here. Apparently he's upset that a merchant is about to be assassinated. I'll be back by the time you're finished with saving the merchant.'

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