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Stage 1
Minimum Level: 1918
Location:Twisted Citadel (Floor 2) (8, 9)
Required Item: None
Required Kills: None
You find Virmalthorn, High Priest of GorGulGol... sulking...
The High Priest of GorGulGol glares at you with his pinpricks of flame within the darkness of his cowl, 'Yes. Things are very wrong. This Undead will not obey me. All Undead obey me, I'm the High Priest of the Death God. It's a perk of the job you know. Unfortunately this Undead apparently does not understand this simple fact. Do you know what this means Warrior?' You shrug, and say, 'No, not really.' Virmalthorn leans in close to you, the air chills at his presence. He whispers grimly, 'I'm not happy.' He points at the gormless Undead looking at you vacantly, 'You talk to him. A swift crushing of the head might be in order. I'm sure that will put things in perspective for him!'

Talk to the Undead Citadel Guard.

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