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Lighting the Dark (Xmas)
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 1900
Location:Forest of Yule (Miners Mountain) (12, 7)
Required Item:
Required Kills: None
You find yourself wandering through another part of the Forest of Yule and come across an idyllic village. You enter and see people milling about. One of them sees you and beckons for you to come over.
You are greeted by a group of upset people. You ask what is wrong. A woman steps forward as spokesperson. 'Those mischievous little Coal Pixies have stolen all the Schwibbogen we made for the local miners. Would you be able to get the Candles and Schwibbogen Arches back and put a couple together for our miner friends? They continue to work during this festive time so we have fuel. We do this to show our appreciation!'

You look at the hopeful faces of the villagers and agree to help. 'Oh, excellent! Thank you! Here take this. Please use it to build two Completed Schwibbogen for the Miners!'

You receive 'Completed Schwibbogen Instructions'.

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