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Drained Core
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 1923
Location:Twisted Citadel (Floor 7) (4, 13)
Required Item: None
Required Kills: None
You find Virmalthorn staring dumfounded down at the lifeless body of the Emperor Of Yellow. A longsword sticks out of the dark recesses of his hood.
The Death Priest stands silently looking at the strange corpse before him, 'Honestly I don't really know...' He says eventually. The dark cowl glances up at you, 'That does not happen very often. But I when I entered this floor of the Citadel I found that sick Controller. I thought that this place is filled with weeping and weak creatures, this Xinderoth is not all he's cracked up to be. When out of thin air this joker appears. He screams "I am alive, my Master the Eater of Time REINS SUPRIME!" Which I was quite put out buy, I don't like it when people just materialize and the start shouting at me. I was about to say, that the afterlife hasn't improved his wardrobe when there was a shining light appeared right at my side.'

Virmalthorn points at a space next to him, 'Right there, Cavanda appeared again and screamed at him, "YOUR LUCK HAS RUN OUT!", which I thought was rather dull as that was the same thing she said the last time. She then plunged her longsword right into the Emperor Of Yellow's face. Now I could be wrong, but I don't think that the Emperor Of Yellow was expecting nor appreciated the attention from the enraged Paladin. And... well died. The Paladin vanished again leaving her weaponry cluttering up the Emperor's head.' He needlessly points at the corpse on the ground, 'As you can see.'

You look at the Longsword and see a small Icon of Sahria carved into the hilt of the sword. You would have missed it if it were not picked out by flame. You point at it in shock when the small flames flicker and die. You say, 'I thought you said that Cavanda's name was written in the Tomes of the Dead?' The Death Priest's cowl snaps up, 'Yes, yes it was. Sahria wrote her name in herself. That means that this is not a spirit of Cavanda. As that has gone into Paradise, I bet it's divine wrath in the form of Cavanda. This Emperor is trying to do something that Sahria does not approve. She does not go in for much bloodshed. Although she does have a truly vicious temper that some says burns hotter than Gurgriss'.'

He sighs, 'I guess that the Emperor is not going to say much, considering the longsword and all. You might as well color your idleness and see what that Sick Controller wants.' You look worriedly down at the Cavanda's longsword and say irritably, 'Why don't you go see what he wants?' Virmalthorn looks at you in genuine astonishment (which is quite a feat as his wolf skull cannot show any emotion) and replies. 'You know as a Death Priest I usher souls into the Deathlands - right. Do you really want me to deal with this sickly creature..?'

Looking at the wolf skull staring out of the dark recess of the death robes you grudging reconsider your course of action. 'Fine I'll go...'

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