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Core Alignment
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 1925
Location:Twisted Citadel (Floor 9) (2, 15)
Required Item:
Required Kills: None
You eventually find the Death Priest Virmalthorn stood in a a quiet corner of the Citadel with a strange ward encircling him.
The Death Priest stares silently at you. You wave at him, confused. He looks at his feet as if checking for something, then stares back at you. He whispers, 'You can see me?' You nod. Pointing right at him. He growls, 'I am encircled by a Death Ward. No Mortal may look upon me. I take it that the Gods are playing a trick on me... again...'

You stare back at him not really following the conversation, you only know that Virmalthorn is stood right in front of you...

The Death Priest sighs heavily, 'I must check my casting, maybe I did something wrong. You go murder the Guard Hearder found in the center of the Floor. He's too annoying to live.'

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