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Entry To The Palace
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 1925
Location:Twisted Citadel (Apex) (12, 12)
Required Item: None
Required Kills: None
You enter a strange and evil place, Virmalthorn looms in the darkness of the Apex.
The High Priest of GorGulGol stands tall and sinister in the deathly quiet of the Twisted Citadel. He does not turn to you, he simply states. 'The chances of us finding Jamesina alive now are slim. I just don't know where she has gone. There are existences which are far worse than Death.'

His words echo around you like hollow specters of hope. You lick your lips against the fear and ask if there is any hope for her. You shudder as the High Priest stays silent as the grave...

Your skin crawls as he whispers, 'We must walk this path, and discover it's end no matter how gruesome. I have scryed this Floor, it is small but potent creatures walks it's darkness. There is a door to the far northwest corner. But it is sealed. I would guess it's the way to the Palace. There is a cult who almost worship Lord Xinderoth. The most powerful of their number haunt this place, they protect the way to the Palace. You shall hunt down an kill the Xinderoth Sarabite (Elite) and bring me the Script Of Unsealing that they carry. Go now, grief has turned me uncharitable.'

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