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Twisted Visions
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 1925
Location:Twisted Citadel (Palace) (8, 4)
Required Item:
Required Kills: None
You wander the Palace expecting Lord Xinderoth to appear at any time, but you are face with just empty rooms and corridors. Eventually you find Virmalthorn staring at a strange woman dressed in red robes.
The Death Priest bristles with rage, 'I have searched every room of this foul place and there is no sign of Jamesina. The only thing I found is this weird... thing... before us which appears to be lost a world of her own. It radiates a wrongness which makes my bones ache.' He shoves you in the direction of the strange woman, 'You speak to her..' he whispers.

As you take a step closer to the strange robed figure you can't shake the feeling that you've met before. You take another tentative step and the red cowl snaps up. You look upon the face of a woman, her pale skin shines with delicate scales and your heart sinks as her eyes suddenly glow with an unholy light. She says in her clear haughty voice, 'So Warrior, we meet again. The last time I laid eyes upon you was in a sewer below Crestoun.' She waves a hand, 'See how I have raised in station? My Master the Eater Of Time is kind to those who follow him. Now why are you here, speak truth or I shall see through it!'

Virmalthorn glowers behind you, 'Don't tell her. She reeks of impossibility. She's not to be trusted.' You remember The Seer, lying to her is not an option. Ignoring the whispers and say, 'We seek to slay Lord Xinderoth.' You feel a bony finger prod you in the back, the Death Priest hisses. 'Ask her about Jamesina...' At the name you see the eyes of The Seer flicker slightly, then the unholy light blazes anew. 'I find you a puzzle Mortal, my vision is flawless. You on the other hand are hidden from my sight. I only see your intent. You speak truth, you shall face your destiny. Walk your path Warrior, walk into your oblivion. Step through this portal and die at the hand of Lord Xinderoth (Super Elite).'

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