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Encroaching Darkness
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 2927
Location:Gannilos Savannah (Prowl) (4, 12)
Required Item: Multuubo Fetish
Required Kills: None
You are wandering through the Savannah when you enter a clearing and meet a Multuubo Hunter. The Hunter nods to you. 'Greetings Warrior."
'The Chief has sent me to meet you. He could not discuss an issue that has been building with you while the celebrations were in swing. Furthermore, while I am a Hunter, I also have Shamanistic learning and can understand the problems facing us.'

You look at the Hunter. 'What problems have you been having? Is it related to this?' You bring out the Multuubo Fetish. The Hunter nods. 'You sense the Darkness in this Fetish?' You nod. 'I could feel Darkness in it. It is weak but it's there.' The Hunter nods.

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