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Deeper Darkness, Infernal Heat
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 2953
Location:Narrac Tunnels (Barracks) (14, 14)
Required Item: None
Required Kills: None
You're creeping through the darkness, intending on meeting Afolabi, having defeated Thagagror The Deathly, looking to follow the continued taint that's in the air. As you continue forth, you hear a distant clanging...
As you move through the darkness to find the source of the noise, you stumble into a cavern, where you see Afolabi dueling with an undead swordsman! You step forward and get the creature's attention, allowing Afolabi to put it down!

Afolabi smiles at you. 'Thank you my friend...' his voice trails off and you look back where you'd come from. You see Swordsmen of Narrac flooding in behind you. Afolabi speaks up, 'Looks like my battle drew more of them to us. We'd better destroy them!'

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