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Dark Dwarven Disciples!
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 2970
Location:Valali Magma Plains (Demon Flats) (15, 17)
Required Item: Shroud Anchor
Required Kills: None
You've emerged from the Lava Tubes into the magma plains. You step into a clearing and see a Valali Shadow Amon standing over a prone Afolabi, axe raised!
You bellow at the demon armor, getting its attention. It forgets Afolabi and turns to you as you charge! You take the monster apart as quickly as you can and once it's destroyed, help Afolabi to his feet.

'My thanks Warrior. That daemon had me dead to rights. Anyway, do you have the Shroud Anchor?' You nod, handing the macabre item over. 'Ah. The foul thing is really pulling now! It seems that the Shroud presence is getting even stronger! We need to move towards that encampment in the distance.' You nod and take the Shroud Anchor from Afolabi and you set off!

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