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The Final Stand
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 355
Location:Morukan (3, 9)
Required Item: Death Mark
Required Kills: None
Rintar's assistant approaches you. 'Is Rintar having any headway with his books?' you ask, 'I have some confusing facts, of a treaty and beings living below here but nothing that combines the elements, I'm missing something.' You grunt, 'Can you look at this, it might explain something, I tore it off one of those underlings you spoke of.'
Rintar's assistant takes the object and looks at it for a long time. 'This is GorGulGol's mark, he is the death god. If the underlings follow the death god, and we use lore given to us by them, then we are dabbling in necromancy. Surely not! The King would know of this. The Old King agreed to the treaty. We were not to enter their realm and they gave us lore as payment. You must find proof of wrongdoing before we act. Go ask the King's permission to enter his chamber. Nobody is allowed in but the King, but he might overlook me. Give him this Scholars Rune and think of something.'

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