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Rites of Passage
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 475
Location:Wastes of Kruz (Scrublands) (8, 9)
Required Item: Fang of Aor Tonrar
Required Kills: None
At the very center of the scrublands you find a strange pillar with an old hemovore meditating next to it. This seems out of place with what you know of these brutal people, so you decide to talk to him.
The hemovore wakes from his meditations, 'You have chosen badly warrior, you are not of the blood and therefore I must now deal retribution for befouling our lands.' The old hemovore starts to rise, you watch him stand and fumble for his dagger. As he eventually draws it you recognise it, and on an impulse draw your dagger. The hemovore looks down at the fang of Aor Tonrar in your hand in utter disbelief. 'You bear the fang! You must of the blood. I have misjudged you warrior. But I must know if you are truly open to instruction. Slay 30 Hemovore Blood Shamen, and you shall receive further wisdom.'

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