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Glimmer of Interest
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 812
Location:Eldshaw Rocks (East) (5, 9)
Required Item:
Required Kills: None
A faint glimmer of light catches your eye. You spot movement within the dense formation of rocks nearby.
You move towards the direction of movement. Searching the area you find nothing but tumbling rocks. You spin around and resume your journey, but you notice movement in the corner of your eye. You turn to identify the source of movement but it is too late as two rat-like creatures launch themselves upon on.

You swiftly remove your weapon and expertly parry a flurry of sword attacks made by the two Ratman scouts that attacked you, promptly dispatch both creatures. No sooner had you killed the two scouts more rat-like creatures, each wielding various dull blades, pour from the rocks and surge towards you in a ferocious frenzy.

You have no alternative but to defend yourself!

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