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Sea Hunter
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 60
Location:Plague Mists Cave (7, 10)
Required Item:
Required Kills: None
You hear the sounds of battle echoing through the halls of the damp cave.
When you arrive at the battle you are surprised to find a Creature with appearance of a fish, but standing like a man. He is pulling out a long harpoon from a destroyed Cave Scuttler at his feet. As he does so you hear a loud snap. You wince at the noise, knowing its head has sheared from the haft.rnrnThe odd Creature swings round and faces you with the broken Harpoon. He now holds it like a quarterstaff. You can tell from his stance that he is an experienced Warrior. You step back out of weapon range. Then ask him if he saw a Female Mage walk through here recently. The Creature halts for moment, 'You wish me no harm? Our kind have only known pain from the land dwellers. How odd.' He relaxes, then suddenly chokes and gives a shuddering breath. He slams the end of the staff onto the cold cave floor and leans heavily on it.rnrnYou stand where you are and ask him if he is all right. Not getting any nearer to him as it might be a trick. With another rasping breath the Creature nods, slowly. 'We Sathkrin can stand the waterless realms for a time. But eventually we need to return to the embrace of the sea. Though I fear that I have traveled too far. I risked coming here thinking that there might be a pool. But I was wrong.' He looks at you, 'How far am I from the surface?' You chuckle, then tell him that just around the corner is the Village of Misthaven.rnrnAgain he nods, 'It seems I have paid for my recklessness with my life. I do not have long to live. These Crabs put up a good fight as well. Surprising really.' He then gasps for breath. Without thinking, you ask if there is anything you can do to help. The Creature, sags visibly. 'We can gain moisture and strength from the Creatures of the Waters. I would not have guessed that you would readily aid me. I am grateful.' He collapses to his knees, you can't really tell much from his face, but assume that he is going in and out of consciousness.rnrnHe hands his bag to you, then slumps forward. Rushing over to him, you see his ribcage rising and falling in shallow breaths. You don't have long. Opening the backpack you find the usual traveling items, then you find a string with a series of stone tables all linked together. On one side of the small tables are sea creatures, on the other ingredients listed. You find one with a large crab and take it. You guess this is what the Sathkrin needs.rnrnYou receive 1 x Recipe of Crab Draft

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