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The Circle of Elements
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 1000
Location:Mount Volmar (Circle) (8, 5)
Required Item:
Required Kills: None
Standing in the darkness you find a finely dressed Nobleman.
He turns toward you, a shining sword is in his hands. You back off and he stares at you. 'No, I don't believe it! I would never have guessed that you were Servants of the Dreadlord. Does his treachery never end...' He lunges at you, but as a nobleman he is used to trading words not blows. You side step his attack and slam your weapon down on his. You send it flying out of Lancroft's soft grip. He backs off toward the wall in fear. He gasps, 'So this is how it ends, murdered by traitors.'

You then remember that Virmalthorn is stood with you. A tall wolf headed Skeletal Priest does look bad. You back off again to give him room.

Jamesina stalks up to him and angrily pokes him in the chest. 'Excuse me, but how come you are here? We had to walk across an ash plain, scale a mountain and navigate through a complex of dark tunnels fighting the Dreadlords minions all the way. I don't remember seeing you anywhere!' Lancroft looks at the Seer blankly. 'I'm sorry, but werenít you exiled by the King?' She nods at him.

The Lord Lancroft goggles at her, 'So why are you here?'

Jamesina is stunned into silence. But just for a moment. She puts her hands on her hips. Virmalthorn chuckles behind you. He whispers into your ear, 'Now he's going to get a helpful lecture.' Jamesina stares at Lancroft in silence for a long minute. You suddenly realize that she is trying to keep her temper. Lancroft looks around for an exit, but only see the cold wall behind him.

Jamesina lets out a long sigh. In a low and dangerous tone she whispers, 'I know that as Director of SK Acquisitions I must keep Patron confidentiality. But this is ridiculous. You know we are here purely because you gave us the contract to check on the Elemental Locks. Why are you pretending otherwise?'

Virmalthorn pipes up, 'You were exiled from Karthak? I never saw you as the kind of person foolish enough to upset a King Jamesina?' She wheels on him and mutters through gritted teeth. 'I didn't get us exiled, it was courtesy of my Hunter next to you!' The Skeletal Priest looks at you with new approval. He whispers, 'I take it this insult was delivered to the King on the battlefield strewn with the bodies of the freshly slain?' You shake your head, and say. 'No, it was over dinner. The soup was good.' The High Priest of GorGulGol nods slowly. He whispers, 'Yes - it would need to have been.'

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